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Metrocrest Democrats

      Our Meeting are on 2nd Monday of most months at 7:00 p.m. 

             Location: New New Buffet, 3822 Beltline Rd.,

        Addison, TX 75001

        (SE corner of Beltline and Marsh Lane)

        If you intend to order food please come anytime after 6 p.m.

Metrocrest Democrats is a Democratic club and Political Action Committee covering the area of northwest Dallas and southeast Denton Counties. We are a grassroots political group.

Formed in early 2009, Metrocrest Democrats seeks to build on the momentum generated by the groundbreaking 2008 general election and continued upward trend for Democrats in recent elections.

The key objectives of our club are;

  • Registering, educating, and mobilizing Democratic voters.

  • Encouraging qualified candidates and raising the visibility of the Democratic Party in our area.

  • Recruiting and training precinct chairs and teams across our geography.

  • Supporting Democratic Party candidates and progressive legislation across Dallas County, the state, and the nation.

Executive Committee:

President: Mary Clare Fabishak
Vice President: Kimmy Robinson
Secretary / Administration: Horace Blake
Treasurer / Finance: Steve Zatyko
Outreach Patricia Munoz
Technology Jimmy Manheim


ARTICLE I. Organization & Purpose

Section 1. The name of the organization shall be Metrocrest Democrats (the “Club”). The target geographic area is northwest Dallas and southern Denton counties in Texas.

Section 2.
The purpose of the Club is to advance the success of the Democratic Party throughout northwest Dallas and southern Denton counties in Texas by promoting active civic participation, educating on values and issues, and supporting candidates for elective office in local, state and national elections and non-partisan races who embody Democratic values, and by providing political leadership to energize progressive leaning residents through local organizing and local infrastructure support.

Section 3. The Political Action Committee name shall be Metrocrest Democrats.

ARTICLE II. Basic Policies

Section 1. The name of the Club shall not be used to endorse or promote any commercial concern(s) unless authorized by the Executive Committee or be used for personal gain.

Section 2. The membership contact information shall be used only for Club purposes as authorized by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall have the right to take such reasonable action as it deems necessary to protect the membership contact information.

Section 3. Funds and resources of the Club shall be used only for Club purposes.

Section 4. Literature offered at Club functions must include source information.

Section 5. Diversity, including, but not limited to, geographic diversity, is a goal of the Club in all activities.

ARTICLE III. Membership

Section 1. Membership in the Club shall be open to all persons eighteen years or older who support the Purpose and By-Laws of this Club. Membership is for the calendar year.

Section 2. Members of the Club have the right to vote on any motion, resolution, nomination or election of the Club. Membership terminates if fees are not current.

Section 3. The Executive Committee will set membership dues with a minimum of two classes, as in regular and sustaining. The EC may establish a reduced initial fee for any member joining after the first day of the year of the Club. The Executive Committee shall have the power to waive or reduce the membership fee in special circumstances.

ARTICLE IV. Officers

Section 1. Officers of the Club shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The officers shall have the following responsibilities:

• President – Preside at membership meetings and act as a spokesperson for the Club.
• Vice-President – Preside at membership meetings and act as spokesperson for the Club in the President’s absence.
• Secretary – Record minutes of all membership meetings with written minutes provided as needed, maintain the membership directory, and correspond on behalf of the Club. The Secretary serves as the Chairperson of the Administration Committee.
• Treasurer – Collect membership fees, make bank deposits, disburse funds as authorized by order of the Executive Committee, render accounting reports at regular membership meetings as needed, and complete all required filings timely and accurately to the Texas Ethics Commission relative to PAC statutes. The Treasurer serves as Chairperson of the Finance Committee.

Section 2. All members of the Club shall be eligible for election as an officer.

Section 3. All officers shall be elected at the Election Meeting. The Election Meeting is the first regular membership meeting in odd-numbered years. The Election Meeting shall be held within the first sixty (60) days of the year. Officers serve until a successor is elected.

Section 4. Officer vacancies will be replaced by special election as called for by the Executive Committee. The term of officers elected to fill such vacancy shall run until the term ends pursuant to Section 3 of this Article IV.

Section 5. Any Officer may be recalled for cause. Recall must be initiated by a petition bearing the signatures of the greater of (i) ten (10) percent of the membership or (ii) five (5) members. The petition should be presented to the Executive Committee and a special meeting shall be scheduled by the Executive Committee within thirty (30) days of the presentation of the petition. Any officer will be recalled by a majority vote of the members present at a regular or special meeting as called by the Executive Committee.

Section 6. At any meeting, the President may appoint a Parliamentarian.

Section 7. The Presidency, as elected in Article IV, Section 3, may be occupied by two club members (Co-presidents), if elected by the members. The Co-Presidents will have one vote on the Executive Committee. This provision ends with the Election of Officers at the Meeting in 2011 as stated in Article IV, Section 3.

ARTICLE V. Executive Committee

Section 1. The Executive Committee of the Club will consist of the four Officers and the Chairs of the permanent committees. A quorum of the Executive Committee is three. A majority of those EC members present at an EC meeting are required for any decision to pass.

Section 2. All Executive Committee members must be registered to vote in Texas at the time of their election.

Section 3. The duties of the Executive Committee shall be to:

A. Transact necessary business in the intervals between regular meetings.
B. Create and dissolve temporary committees.
C. Present reports at regular meetings of the Club.

Section 4. Meetings of the Executive Committee:

A. The Executive Committee will have meetings as needed.
B. Minutes shall be kept of all Executive Committee meetings.
C. Members may attend any Executive Committee meeting.
D. With the advance approval of the President, any member or non-member may meet with the Executive Committee for the purposes of presenting a report or proposal.

Section 5. Any member of the Executive Committee who is absent without excuse from three (3) consecutive Executive Committee meetings may be considered by the Executive Committee as having resigned from the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE VI. Committees

Only members may serve on Committees. The Chairpersons of the Program, Outreach and Technology Committees and all members of the Nominating Committee shall be appointed, removed, and replaced by the President subject to confirmation by the Officers. Committees will periodically report on their activities. Committees and their purpose include, but are not limited to:

Program – Plan, propose and carry out regular membership meeting activities and other activities that reflect the interests of members and prospective members.
Outreach – Increase the visibility of the Club, seek out new members and devise and support efforts to reach out to voters in our geographic area..
Technology – Plan, propose and implement technology solutions, including the website, that support the Club’s activities.
Administration – Plan, propose and implement systems to maintain member and prospective member contact information.
Finance – Plan, propose and implement systems that facilitate the sound financial and business management of the Club. The Finance Committee should ideally have two members, approved by the Officers, in addition to the Treasurer.
Nominating – to be composed of three members, at least one of which is not a member of the Executive Committee; will nominate a consenting, eligible member for each office to be filled and report its nominees at the regular membership meeting prior to the Election Meeting.

ARTICLE VII. Meetings of the Club

Section 1. The Club will have the goal to meet once a month, with a Holiday Party in December serving as the meeting. Occasionally a meeting may be skipped at the discretion of the President. The Executive Committee shall provide at least seven (7) days’ advance written or electronic notice of regular and special meetings to all members of the Club.

Section 2. The fiscal year for the Club shall run from January 1 to December 31.

Section 3. For a regular or special meeting of the membership, a quorum will be the number of members who are in attendance. Unless otherwise specified in these By-Laws, a simple majority of such members is required for any decisions of the members at any regular or special meeting of the membership.

Section 4. The Executive Committee may use electronic mail or other means to inform the membership of meetings and agenda items.

Section 5. Only members who are personally present at a membership meeting may vote.

ARTICLE VIII. Parliamentary Authority

The Club follows “Roberts Rules of Order” in all procedures except as otherwise specified by these By-Laws.

ARTICLE IX. Amendments

Section 1. Amendments and changes to the bylaws can be made based on majority approval at a membership meeting. Amendments and changes introduced at one meeting cannot be voted upon until at least the next regular meeting.

Section 2. The greater of 10% of the membership or five (5) members may petition to have an amendment to these By-Laws considered by the members.

Section 3. At the initial organizing meeting at which these By-Laws are presented for a vote:

a) fees will be collected and a membership roster established;
b) these By-Laws will be adopted by a two-thirds (2/3) favorable vote of those members present;
c) interim officers will be elected to serve until the election of permanent officers; and
d) the timing of the election of permanent officers will be determined.

ARTICLE X. Endorsements

Section 1. Endorements would only be made in elections within a Democratic Primary or Primary Runoff or non-partisan election.

Section 2. Endorsements should meet the following requirements:

  • Club members be given a 21 day notice of an endorsement meeting;
  • All candidates running for the same position be invited to a specific club meeting, campaign forum or other event organized or supported by the club;
  • A quorum for endorsement purposes shall consist of at least five members plus one elected officer, and a majority of members attending a meeting must vote to approve endorsement;
  • A majority of members attending an endorsement meeting must vote to approve endorsement;
  • Only members may vote, and they must have paid their dues at least 28 days prior to the endorsement vote meeting (no one may join the club and vote on the same day);
  • Voting will be done on paper forms.

ARTICLE XI. Dissolution

Upon dissolution of Metrocrest Democrats, any assets remaining after meeting all financial responsibilities will be given to a Democratic entity as directed by the EC in accordance with the rules related to PACs, per the Texas Ethics Commission.

ARTICLE XII. Items Not Covered By Bylaws

The EC is authorized to act in the best interests of the club for matters not specifically addressed by these bylaws.


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